Friday, January 18, 2008

Documenting Visitations from Animals in Spirit

Jeff Belanger's is devoting this month's Message Board to a discussion of apparitions from animals in spirit (spirit animals, if you will!), asking the question, "Can animals stick around our earthly plane even after their death?"

The respondents have provided often-fascinating accounts of after-death visitations from beloved animal companions, which I think will be of particular interest to people who are still grieving from a recent loss.

One woman recounted:

I think that Newman, our 16yo Himalayan cat stayed around for awhile after we had to put him to sleep. I would find his toys lying in the middle of the floor like he was playing with them still. He used to shed clumps of fur on my dark carpet, so after he died, I did a really thorough job of vacuuming and shampooing the carpet. About a week after that, I came home from work and found tufts of his fur in the middle of the living room just like when he used to roll on the carpet and it would come off.

Another cat lover recalled:

My first cat was killed 8 years ago in my yard on Thanksgiving Day. I was hysterical since we were very close. From that day on until about 2 years later, I would feel him getting on my bed when I would get in bed. He would walk around for a little while and then settle down like he had always done. I would see the indentations although I couldn't see him. Sometimes in the middle of the night he would get down. I adopted two other cats within that time and they would stand staring at something in my bedroom but they never seemed concerned.

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catwom3 said...

I have a local animal communicator who I've retained a number of times, I've also read numerous books on animal communication. Although, I have found my local animal communicator to be "on the money" the overwhelming majority of the time, there seems to be two areas where she differs from the majority of what I've read.

1. She said that after an animal passes to the other side, there is a small time frame (a few months) before they can come back to visit us in spirit or before she can communicate with them. Again, most other animal communicators/authors have told stories of immediate communication with a pet that has crossed over.

I have a cat that passed over about a month ago, who I had for almost 16 years. I had my local animal communicator come to my house 3 days later, I wanted to communicate with my cat particularly because I had her euthanized, but my animal communicator told me it was too soon. Needless to say, that was extremely disappointing to me. She said that my deceased cat was busy, and for me to try again in a few months. The only reason I received any information at all regarding her passing over was because my other cat who died a number of years ago was there when my recently passed cat crossed over and communicated some information to me. This kind of makes sense to me, however, various other animal communicators seem to communicate immediately with animals who have passed over to the other side. So, I'm confused.

2. The other topic was that my local animal communicator stated that an animal can reincarnate as a human in a future life, but a human cannot reincarnate to an animal in a future life. Since I don't believe that humans are any higher than animals, quite often, I find animals much wiser than humans, I had trouble with that one. Also, in the numerous books I've read by famous animal communicators, there have been stories of current pets who were once a husband or a son in a past life to a current person.

Would love other takes and experiences on those two topics.

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