Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On The Couch

Sometimes I feel like an animal psychotherapist.  So often, something magical happens after a consultation, just because I've made a heartfelt effort to deeply listen to an animal's complaints, concerns, or fears, and sincerely acknowledge them.  Those fears might seem silly or inconvenient, but I take them seriously.  And in doing so, I've honored and respected the animal I'm talking to, letting her know that she has a right to her feelings, whatever others might think.

This is what happened with Maggie, a magnificent Hanoverian mare with whom I've had the privilege of communicating on several occasions over the course of more than a year.  Maggie is a brave and talented eventer, and it takes a lot to scare her.  But of late, she'd been showing signs of stress when she was turned out in a large, lush pasture bordered by tall trees and woods.  Rather than relaxing in this green paradise, Maggie had been anxiously pacing the fence, as if begging to come in.  No one knew why.  To our human minds, it made no sense.

When I connected with Maggie, I mentally put myself into her body to see what it felt like to be out there in the expansive grassy paddock, alone.  I could immediately feel her sense of vulnerability:  there was something unseen looming in the woods beyond the field and Maggie worried that it might spring forth to pounce on her.  A hawk flew overhead:  it, too, felt like a threatening presence in a wide open place where there was no place to hide.

I let Maggie know that I understood why she might feel worried, and gently suggested that she had the power to flee, to run if danger should appear.  She said she might be happier in a smaller pen, closer to the barn, and I passed that on to her dear person, Polly.

That was yesterday.  This morning, Polly sent me this photo of Maggie happily grazing out in the big field alone, showing no signs of care or stress.  Same field, same woods, but something had shifted.  There may be many explanations for Maggie's new-found feeling of comfort in her surroundings, but I believe that as soon as she knew her fears were validated, she let them go.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Hear You

There are times during a telepathic consultation with an animal that information "just flies in."  I start getting images, impressions, opinions or feelings that seem random:  neither the animal's person nor I have asked about them, but they often reveal something important.

It happens all the time.  Most recently, I was talking with a handsome Irish Sport Horse, Quinn, about issues related to his training.  Before I could even broach the questions his rider had submitted, Quinn interrupted me to convey that his hay seemed dry, with a lot of twigs and indigestible stems.  He said he really didn't care for it, and asked whether it could be dipped in water, to make it more palatable.

When I mentioned that to Quinn's person, Sarah, she confirmed that the barn had recently received a shipment of hay that a lot of the boarders felt was too dry.  In fact, Quinn had experienced a bout of colic shortly after the hay had arrived, and Sarah had been wondering whether the stray-like forage was the culprit.  She thought it was intriguing that Quinn had mentioned it to me; she'd never thought to ask him about it.

A few days later, I received a photo depicting a corner of Quinn's stall that made me realize that I'd definitely been talking with the right horse.  It showed a fresh pile of manure neatly placed on top of the offending hay.  In case anyone hadn't gotten the message, Quinn wanted to make his assessment of the forage perfectly clear:  it would do for bedding, but definitely not for eating!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Newly Redesigned Website Showcases New Animal Communication Offerings

I'm really excited to announce the unveiling of the new Animal Translations animal communication website!  It's been months in the making, and in addition to spiffy graphics, crisp design, effortless navigation, and updated content, it offers prospective clients a host of reasonably priced options for telepathic consultations aimed at remedying behavioral problems,  answering end-of-life questions, and bringing comfort to people whose animals have recently transitioned into spirit.

In honor of my beloved cat, Casey, the "Casey's Legacy" program underwrites reduced-cost sessions for cats with cancer.  And to help horse people who have adopted recently retired thoroughbreds, I'm now doing consultations for those horses, colloquially known as "OTTBs" (Off-The-Track Thoroughbreds) at a special, lower rate.

Emergency consultations are offered on a same-day basis, and website visitors who just want to browse can sign up for my periodic eNewsletter, What's Up With Animals?, with stories about intriguing cases and news of upcoming events and opportunities.

I'm pleased that I've been able to hold the line on fee increases, in an effort to make my services accessible to everyone who wants or needs them.  The $75 rate for a standard consultation remains the same, as does the $60 charge for a full-service followup session within 90 days of a prior consultation.  The cost of emergency consults has gone up slightly, from $85 to $90, and while the "Cats with Cancer" fee is still discounted, it's now $50, up from $45.

The "Meet Maureen" section of the site includes a link to my recent interview, "The Wonders of Animal Communication," with Alexis Brooks of CLN Radio.  Alexis will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Conference on Animals in the Afterlife, to be held at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, MA on November 3, 2013.  Conference details and registration information are available for the first time through this website rollout, too.

I hope you'll take a look!