Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday at Maple Leaf Stable

I was privileged to spend the day communicating with four lovely horses, including the pretty Quarter Horse mare, Moe (pictured here) at Maple Leaf Stable in Holden.

Until now, I have done virtually all of my telepathic animal communication sessions remotely, from my home office. I typically work from a photograph of an animal, just to focus my attention, though the visual image is not necessary in order for me to make an energetic connection.

But I've had several requests from local stables to come onsite to do in-person sessions with horses, and today's visit to Maple Leaf was the start of what I hope will be an ongoing program.

I spent about 30 minutes or so with each horse, taking careful notes of the information they relayed, in response to questionnaires that had been submitted by each horse's person. When I felt that the session was complete, I sat down with the human client and discussed the horse's personality, preferences, and his or her feelings about how training was going and whether they liked their current routine.

I explained to each client that animal communication works because the horses themselves use telepathy as their primary language, sending and receiving thoughts and images as naturally as we speak English. If we understand this, we can use the horses' telepathic prowess as an integral part of their training, visualizing what we want them to achieve and sending that visual picture to them.

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