Monday, February 01, 2010

Speaking Out for Horses

I am pleased to announce that I have been named to be the national Equine Advocacy columnist for    I'm truly honored to have this vehicle for my passionate interest in protecting horses.  I don't write for the money; I do it because I want to bring awareness to situations in which horses are suffering, or not being treated with dignity.  And I do it to shine an appreciative light on those who are quietly working to save them.

I've been writing as the Boston Animal Advocacy columnist since June, 2009, but I wanted to be able to address equine welfare issues that are affecting horses on a national level. 

During my first week as the Equine Advocacy Examiner, I've written about the tragedy of the BLM wild horse roundups in Nevada, the plight of carriage horses in New York City, the Penn National jockey protest against owner Michael Gill, the desperation of horse owners affected by the recession, and the upcoming changes in Canadian regulations that may reduce the number of horses that are sent to be slaughtered there.

I am reaching out to everyone who cares about horses, and want to hear from you if you think there's something I should be writing about. 

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