Friday, July 15, 2011

The loss of Liam

I lost dear, sweet Liam today.  And while I know that he is finally running free of the many ills that plagued his bony body, I cannot describe the pain my heart feels at having to let him go.

I should have been better prepared.  From the time he first came to me--an abandoned waif left to die by the side of the road--I always knew that Liam's fragile body was in danger of failing, but his tough-as-nails, never-give-up spirit kept fooling me into believing that he would somehow be able to recover form the knockout punches that life had dealt him, and that he would always be by my side.  Liam had that power.

These are the delusions of anyone who has ever loved a dog, I think, and I unapologetically plead guilty to nurturing them.

It was on a beautiful October Saturday, exactly one year, eight months, and 21 days ago, that my heart sang as I scooped Liam up and put him gently into my car to begin our journey together, one that seemed fraught with optimism and joy, even though I knew it would ultimately end like this.  But as I wrapped him in a quilt this morning, and laid Liam down to take what I realized would be our last ride together, my heart protested amid the sobs:  too soon, too soon.

Rest in peace, my beautiful boy.  You were a gift from heaven, and I was so honored to be there to hold you and to love you as you took your last breath.  You'll live forever in my heart.


Massachusetts Against Horse Slaughter said...

Dear Maureen, I'm so sorry for your loss, and for Liam's passing. His days with you must surely have been heaven on earth. I know that you'll hold him in your heart forever, and he'll be safe and whole there.

Cindy Loughran said...

I'm so sorry about Liam. He was a lucky pup to have had you in his life.

It was nice to get your newsletter today. I love reading about your brilliant experiences with animals. Your work with Otis continues to be a great gift to me.

I hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Liam is running over the Bridge into the arms of the Universe. . . any moment with my darling dogs is never enough but they give me complete joy.. . . you saved him for that timme he could be with you. . . they come for a reason and go when they must.. . my heart is with you

Anonymous said...

He will always be by your side Maureen. The degree of your pain at his loss is the great sum of your love for him. And they come back!

Peg M said...

My heart joins your heart in your sorrow. I have been there too often. We love them so much--it is so difficult to let them go.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Maureen,
What a beautiful tribute to Liam. Thank you for sharing so openingly.It is amazing how much they touch our hearts
With Love,