Monday, August 19, 2013

I Hear You

There are times during a telepathic consultation with an animal that information "just flies in."  I start getting images, impressions, opinions or feelings that seem random:  neither the animal's person nor I have asked about them, but they often reveal something important.

It happens all the time.  Most recently, I was talking with a handsome Irish Sport Horse, Quinn, about issues related to his training.  Before I could even broach the questions his rider had submitted, Quinn interrupted me to convey that his hay seemed dry, with a lot of twigs and indigestible stems.  He said he really didn't care for it, and asked whether it could be dipped in water, to make it more palatable.

When I mentioned that to Quinn's person, Sarah, she confirmed that the barn had recently received a shipment of hay that a lot of the boarders felt was too dry.  In fact, Quinn had experienced a bout of colic shortly after the hay had arrived, and Sarah had been wondering whether the stray-like forage was the culprit.  She thought it was intriguing that Quinn had mentioned it to me; she'd never thought to ask him about it.

A few days later, I received a photo depicting a corner of Quinn's stall that made me realize that I'd definitely been talking with the right horse.  It showed a fresh pile of manure neatly placed on top of the offending hay.  In case anyone hadn't gotten the message, Quinn wanted to make his assessment of the forage perfectly clear:  it would do for bedding, but definitely not for eating!

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