Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spend Quiet Time Together

We are all so maddeningly busy that the time we spend with our animals tends to be taken up by the "must do's."

Your cat, dog, horse, bird, goat or hamster must be fed, watered, exercised, groomed, trained, and seen by the vet for periodic checkups. There are occasional cuts and bruises that must be attended to, and trips to the pet store or grain mill to pick up food, bedding, and supplements.

It's our love of our creature companions that motivates us to spend our time and money and energy to ensure that they have a comfortable, happy life, and it's gratifying to be able to accomplish this much.

But if you aspire to open up the telepathic channels of communication with your animal, the best thing you can do is to stop.

Sit with her, breathe with her, and let silence reign for as many precious minutes as you can afford. Consciously open your heart, and your mind, and then let what will be, be. You may be surprised at what you hear.

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