Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My New Barn Visits Program Brings Animal Communication to New England Stables

I'm so pleased to announce that as part of my new onsite "Animal Communication for Horses" program, I'll be traveling to stables within a 90-minute driving radius of Sterling, Massachusetts for one-hour consultations with individual horses. Thirty minutes of each session will be devoted to telepathic communication with the horse, and another half-hour will be spent with the human client for followup discussion. I'll furnish a typed transcript of the session within seven days after the visit.

We don't often stop to think about the fact that telepathy is a horse's natural language. Horses are capable of transmitting vivid images of their preferences and life experiences, and of communicating their innermost thoughts and feelings about their people, their stablemates, their surroundings, their training routines, and even, their aspirations. It's not necessary for me to be in a horse's presence in order to communicate with him, but many people seem to prefer this type of in-person experience, so I am very pleased to be able to offer this new service.

My work as an animal communicator is firmly grounded in real-life details, and I am often able to supply concrete answers to puzzling situations that have not been able to be resolved via conventional methods. Because telepathy is not bound by time or space, I conduct most of my consultations "remotely," without ever having met the animal with whom I'm communicating. But in response to requests from local equestrians, I have decided to expand my services to include stable visits, requesting a minimum two-horse commitment to make the trip.

Clients who are interested in booking onsite stable consultations will receive a questionnaire to complete before the visit, with an opportunity to list questions and concerns that they would like me to address with their horses.

As part of my commitment to the casue of protecting off-the-track thoroughbreds from slaughter, I will be donating a percentage of my fees from onsite visits to The New England Thoroughbred Retirement Center in Deerfield, New Hampshire.