Friday, February 01, 2013

Flower Essence Gifts for Animals in Honor of Valentine's Day

It's that time again!

For the fourth consecutive year, clients who request a telepathic consultation with me during the month of February will receive one of the 22 flower essences from the Green Hope Farm Animal Wellness Collection as my special gift.

I often recommend flower essences to help support animals who are exhibiting separation anxiety, jealousy, neediness, inappropriate spraying, physical or emotional pain, or who are suffering from conditions associated with the aging process.  The essences are a natural complement to my telepathic conversations with animals, acting as a form of "aftercare" to support behavioral adjustments.

I love the purity of Green Hope Farm's alcohol-free formulations because there is never any risk that they will interfere with medications or treatments that may have been prescribed by an animal's veterinarian.

I usually charge $90 for a consultation that includes a flower essence, but in February, all clients will receive an essence of their choice at no charge when they pay for a standard $75 session.

New and current clients can request a telepathic consultation for one or more of their animals by visiting the Animal Translations website.