Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free flower essences for Valentine's Day!

I am offering a special Valentine's gift to all current and prospective clients who schedule a session for one of their animals during the month of February.  For each standard consultation, I'll include a free flower essence of your choice, from the Green Hope Farm "Animal Wellness Collection."

I often recommend flower essences for problems such as separation anxiety, jealousy, neediness, litter box issues, introductions of new pets into the family, transitions to new homes, recovery from physical and emotional injuries, and to support older animals during the aging process.

I have found that specially formulated flower essences can often be extremely useful as an adjunct to my sessions with animals who may need some extra help in coping with difficult situations, shifting out of problem behaviors, or adjusting to new circumstances.  I often recommend them as a form of "aftercare.".  In particular, the 22 unique blends from Green Hope Farm's Animal Wellness Collection are gentle, alcohol-free, and in my experience, quite effective.

The usual price for a consultation with a flower essence is $90, but for February only, in honor of Valentine's Day, my clients (both old and new!) will receive the flower essence as a gift with each standard $75 consultation.

If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, you can schedule a session for your animal through the Animal Translations website.